"We do the dirty work, so you don't have to!"

$0.50 off your service for 1 dog

$1.00 off your service for 2 or more dogs

​Once a Week Poop Scoop

1 dog = $10

2 dogs = $12

3 dogs = $14

4 dogs = $16

We offer discounts for teachers, seniors/disabled, military/veterans, fire and police! 

This all sounds great, but what's it gonna cost me?

Scooping Poop is our biz, but doing it with the lowest prices possible is what we pride ourselves on! Here's a breakdown of our competitive prices. Don't forget if you are a new dog poop customer you receive the discounted rate for the first 3 months! 

Need a Clean Up?

In addition to weekly services, we also offer bulk clean ups. These are perfect for spring or when you just haven't picked up in awhile! They are priced based on the size of dog and the amount of poop! Contact us today for your quote! (No service or contract required.)

Weekly Service Rates


Twice a Week Poop Scoop
1 dog = $16
2 dogs = $20
3 dogs = $22
4 dogs = $24